Mobile Apps for Playing Rummy

Are there any mobile apps available for playing rummy for cash?

If you are looking for mobile apps for playing rummy for cash then you might be disappointed because as far as I know there are no rummy apps available out there using which people can play rummy for real money……….so if you want to play rummy on mobile for money, you have no option :(

Correction (6th June 2014) - Now you have Octro Rummy and Ace2Three who have launched Android and iOS apps for playing rummy on mobile phone. Ace2Three already has the web version where one can play rummy online for cash but Octro Rummy I think still dont have a web version to play rummy.

The good news is that you can now play rummy using your mobile phone but the bad news is that you still cannot play rummy for cash on mobile. Ace2Three mobile app for rummy is only for practice or fun chips not for real money.

I am hoping that in the coming times, you will also get to play rummy on mobile for real money. Till then, keep playing for fun if you want to play on mobile, else play rummy for cash on web.

I know that ibibo has an extension on Chrome for rummy with which users can play rummy but that also offers free rummy and not rummy for cash.

BTW, while I was writing this post, I searched the chrome store for Rummy games and also find ZapakRummy. Since, I knew about ibibo rummy so I tried my hand on the ibibo rummy on Chrome but neither there were a lot of players, nor where there too many features and it didnt look exciting :(. After this experience, I did not even bother to install Zapak Rummy and skipped :)

Coming back to the mobile rummy apps topic; I have recently purchased a new HTC One which is an Android based phone and I am keen to know if there are apps available to play rummy on mobile.

I can imagine that because of the issues related to Internet speed, ease of payment, trust factor etc rummy on mobile is not being ventured by any rummy website of India but I don’t understand why none of them have even launched a free rummy version for mobile devices. It could have helped them increase the reach and get more database for sure but it is possible that they didnt want to spend money on marketing mobile rummy in India.


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I enjoy playing card games and play Rummy and Poker almost everyday. I used to work in for a long time and now work as a Digital Marketing consultant.

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21 Cards Rummy October 22, 2013 at 7:46 am

Dont think there are are any good apps or apps at all for playing rummy……..also, not sure how will 21 cards rummy look like on a mobile…….

Kumar April 22, 2014 at 9:08 am

Ace2Three has its mobile App on both Android and iOS to play free games. The mobile app is so cool and you can play unlimited free games. you can get the app just by searching Ace2three in App, Play store.

Enjoy the game!

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